Introducing The Incubator of Ideas About Actarya Services (The Game, The Site, The Helper, Other), this concept is meant to be participatory and here is how it all works.

Do you have an idea or proposal to make?

Well, just submit it to the community, by going to your personal space, managing ideas, you just need to add your proposal by explaining as best as possible what you think. Here's an example of writing:

  • Explicit Title : Add Smileys for Chat
  • Application Details: It would be nice to have smilies to enhance the chat. To make it warmer. I have an example of chat here 'Url of a site' ...

The community and developers will participate in the debate of this idea.

Your idea will appear in the box with ideas, and each member will be able to give a note and will be able to comment on this idea, a discussion is thus possible with everyone to make evolve the idea.

Developers will approve or not

Administrators, developers and designers will be able to decide how to proceed, if the idea is not convincing, it will be classified without follow-up or apart from recent ideas, for a possible evolution or discussion. If approved, a date of development or implementation will be submitted and therefore expected in the short or medium term.

It's very simple, we count on your cooperation to make Actarya evolve.

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