Join the team and contribute to the project

The project is open to everyone!

If you have creative talents and want to help and contribute to the development of Actarya, it is quite possible!

Everything is done on a voluntary basis, but access to exclusive game content will be offered, mentions in the credits and other privileges.

If the project becomes substantial, of course we will only ask to create jobs and hire you if possible.

Conditions for joining the team

You must be over 16 years old, understand French if possible.

We accept all skill areas, no matter your level, but most important of all, if you have to get involved in the project, you have to do it seriously and be motivated

We offer requests for help and work, you are free to accept them.
If you take on a job that you want to do, you must do it completely and within a reasonable time!
If you doubt your abilities in an area, you lack information, but you are really motivated, it's simple, just ask for help and information before taking on an achievement.

Skills domains

- Creation of scenarios (living story, quests, etc.)
- Creation of dialogue (texts, vocals, French, English)
- Asset creation (3D modeling of any style)
- Musical and sound creation (special effects, atmosphere, etc...)
- Graphic creation
- All language translator

Unreal Engine

We use this 3D engine to develop Actarya, so it is necessary to have a very good machine to use it in order to work best.

- Function development
- Graphic creation, map, character, etc.

For the community site

- Supervisors (be +18 years old, to maintain the community, moderation and lead the team of animators and have a role of animator)
- Animators (be +16 years old to animate the forum, answer questions from members, prepare and take care of events)

How to apply to join us?

- Directly on our discord (To contact me directly synthox#5353)
- By sending an email to
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