Character name rules

For the creation of characters, rules must be applied, under penalty of seeing his character purely and simply erased.

Your character must have a name that does not contain any insults or perjury, known celebrity names are prohibited and filtered automatically, but this does not prevent approaches that are authorized (and impossible to filter for that matter)

Only alpha characters from a to z and from A to Z are accepted (with accents), numbers, special characters are prohibited, multiple spaces are filtered, compound names are capitalized automatically.

The authorized length is a minimum of 5 characters and a maximum of 24.

Example of authorized name:

- Jean Pierre
- Pseudonyme
- P S E U D O

Example of a name that is not allowed or will be filtered:

- JeaN PierRe (will become Jean Pierre upon validation of the creation)
- nickname (will become Nickname at the validation of the creation)
- nicknameeeeee (will become Nicknamee at the validation of the creation)
- ni        ck    name (too many spaces, will become Ni Ck Name at the validation of the creation)
- Pseud0nyme (forbidden !)
- MoNpSeUdO1564 (forbidden !)
- M@GalIi#e1 (forbidden !)

We count on you to be mature and not to have to be moderate. Thank you.
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